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KEC Quick Release Couplings works on a simple push & pull principle. The Adaptor when pushed into the coupler is securely help by the self-locking arrangement resulting in a positive and leak proof connection. This action simultaneously opens the valve and the fluid flow starts. To disconnect, pull back the sleeve of the coupler, the adaptor ejects out and valve shuts off automatically.


KEC Quick Release Couplings are manufactured from the selected raw materials under strict quality control.


(i) Available in Brass, Carbon Steel. (From Bar Stock & Chromium Plated)
(ii) Available in Aluminum, S.S. 304, S.S. 316 (from Bar Stock only)


Available in spring steel in S.S 304 and S.S 316 only. Ball Available in Steel, S.S 304, S.S 316 and S.S 316L Seal Material Available in Nitrile, Viton, Neoprene, Silicon, Hypalon etc End Connectors Pipe threads, socket weld, hose threads, hose shank and flanged Types Type VV – Double check valve QRC.

Application Compressed Air
Pipe Size ¼” to ½”
Filtration 25um
Applicable Pressure Range 10.2 kg f/cm2
Applicable Temperature 0 to 60 C
Recommended Lubrication oil ISO VG 32
MOC Aluminum Alloy, Poly Carbonate, Steel


Technical Description

The FF coupling system has double shut-off, dry break and single-handed operation. During uncoupling there is no oil loss, and during coupling there is no inclusion of air into the system.


Dry break quick connect coupling. With minimum pressure drop. Single-handed operation. No oil loss during uncoupling. A safety-closing ring prevents unintentional disconnection. Also available with pressure Eliminator, i.e. coupling is possible up to a back pressure of 400 Bar.


For the use under extreme conditions in the chemical industries, building machinery and in all industries.

Working Pressure

Maximum static working pressure with safety 4 to 1 see below From 300 Bar to 400 Bar

Working Temperature

-40 degrees up to +100 degrees (Nitril)
-25 degrees up to +200 degrees (Viton)


From ½” to 1 and ½” BSP

Material Coupling       Standard version

Body Steel, Zinced and yellow passivated
Sleeve Steel Hardened, Zinc Plated
Valve Steel
Springs AISA 301
Locking Balls AISI 420 C
Seals Nitril
Valve Holder Steel, Zinc Plated
Plug Profile Steel Hardened, Zinc Plated
Valve (without Eliminator) Steel
Valve (with Eliminator) Brass
Springs AISI 301
Seal Nitril
Valve Holder Brass

Cam Lock Couplings

Design Principle

The principle behind the design of the Cam lock is simple pivot pins for coupler cam arms which lock into the adaptor groove are located so that when the line pressure attempts to force the cam lock apart, the bottom edge of the adaptor groove pushes with equal pressure against the under edge of the cam arm increasing the locking action. When properly connected, line pressure will not separate a cam lock with recommended pressure limit.


Cam locks are manufactured from selected raw materials under strict quality control.

Body Available in solid bar stock of aluminum, mild steel, brass, SS 304 & SS 316.Available in casting of carbon steel grade WCB or I.S.1030.Gunmetal grade LG2C
Internal ball Stainless Steel
Finish Chrome plated Brass or Natural finish

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