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High Pressure Water Clening Gun

Pistola Astra has a 3/8" BSP inlet connection and a ¼" NPT outlet connection. With an option for a 900mm lance and spray/ jet nozzles the gun is one of the best in the market.

Pistola Astra high-pressure guns are for the cleaning of the following:

  • a. Ship deck and hull
  • b. Car washing
  • c. Farm machinery washing
  • d. Earth moving machinery washing
  • e. Building, Structure, monument

washing Product Use

a.. Use sweet and clean water, also with chemicals, for the proper use of the gun. Before using different or corrosive fluids, please contact our technical department.

b.. The hot water generating system foresees the use of safety devices in order to regulate pressure and temperature. To use a fluid component at more than 60º C we advise you to use the I.D.D. (individual proective devices) as gloves, glasses etc.

c.. To avoid pressure changes and to obtain a constant value of the pressure supply a right nozzle should be installed and the by-pass valve before the gun should be correctly regulated Codes Pressure Max (bar) Capacity Max l/min Temperature Max C Inlet Outlet 00023001 320 40 150 3/8"F ¼"F.

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