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Flexible Gear Coupling

Technical Data

The Flexible Drive Coupling consists of two steel gear hubs engaging in a sleeve of high-grade plastic material. This material has superior strength and a wide operating temperature range. The gears have crowned-tooth form, which permit axial and angular misalignment. The couplings have undergone extensive testing under severe load conditions. They are easy to assemble and require no maintenance or lubrication and do not emit transmission noise.

Assembly Procedure

Maximum permissible angular misalignment is 1.5 degrees. Ensure that the coupling hubs easily fit on the shaft. Do not use undue force. Maintain gap between hubs as shown in sketch. Use grub screws to locate gear hubs on their respective shafts. For shock load applications use the following formula:

Rating/100 RPM of Coupling Hp of application X 100 X F
_ RPM of application

In Line Filter

The Inline Filter is designed for use with all types of mineral and petroleum-based hydraulic fluids and is available for flows of up to 75 LPM. It can be connected anywhere in the return line of hydraulic systems. The high-grade aluminum body and cast iron cover withstand higher pressure than normal return line filters. The built-in by-pass valve opens when the filter element is clogged. A permanent magnet inside the filter and 25 microns filtration are standard. (Optional is 10 microns)

Salient Features

  • High-grade casting body and cover.
  • Maximum rated flow of 130 LPM.
  • Filtration up to 25 microns, 10 microns optional.
  • Maximum operating pressure is 15 Kg/cm2. In-line mounting.
  • Built-in check valve.

The In-line Filter model ILF-600 is an all-cast construction and is made from superior grade castings. These filters are rated for working pressures up to 20 kg/cm2 and the filtration is of 25 or 10 microns. The maximum flow capacity is 600 LPM with fluid viscosity of 80 SSU at 40° C. The Port connection is a 3" round flange. Adequate internal area is provided to minimize pressure drop. Strong ferrite magnets are provided inside the cartridge flow path to arrest ferrous particles.

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Thereaded Breather

Technical Data

This is a unit for filtering air displacement from the reservoir. Displacement capacity is from 250 LPM to 700 LPM and filtration is up to 5 microns (Standard supply:40 microns). The air displacement from underneath the cap assembly improves performance. Powder Coated finish ensures corrosion resistance. For use with Hydraulic/Lubrication oil reservoirs. Gearbox applications include machine tools, mobile equipment, industrial machinery, etc

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Filler Breather Assembly

Technical Data

This is a combination unit for filtering air displacement from the reservoir and for straining oil while filling. Mounting options include Tank Top and Side Mounting.

The displacement capacity is 250 LPM and 700 LPM and filtration is up to 40 microns. The air displacement from underneath the cap assembly improves performance. Power coated cap and nylon or nickel-chrome plated strainer body ensures corrosion resistance.
he unit comes completely assembled with internal safety chain and fasteners. The mounting surface should be free of burrs, flat and clean to provide a good sealing surface for the flange.

It is for use with Hydraulic/Lubrication oil reservoir applications, including machine tools, mobile equipment, industrial machinery, etc.

Breather-filters are a must for hydraulic systems ensuring clean air passing into the reservoir, thus prolonging the life of the system components. When used as a crankcase ventilator, it helps to prolong the life of the engine oil and the oil filter. They are designed for use in machine tool construction, mining, marine and agricultural applications.

Specially designed slots provide for an extremely large amount of airflow through the cap - ten times the amount of air flow as comparable with units now available (upto 700 liters per minute displacement).

Nylon strainer with a guard stronger than conventional materials will not corrode.

  • Compatible with all fluids.
  • Filtration up to 5 microns available (Standard supply : 40 microns).
  • It may be cleaned many times to provide efficient filtering action.
  • Powder Coated cap with safety chain. The safety chain retains the cap, so it will not be misplaced or lost. Yet it is designed to allow removal of the cap when desired for cleaning of filter element.
  • Slotted holes in strainer allow for easier alignment during installation.
  • All parts included in one package - ready to instal

All parts included in one package - ready to instal

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Fluid Level Indicator

Technical Data Our Fluid Level Gauge can be used on any reservoir containing mineral and petroleum-based hydraulic fluids to indicate oil level. Level gauges are available with or without temperature gauges and are available in two sizes - 3" & 5" between bolt centres. They are easily readable through a magnifying sight glass. These level gauges offer complete protection to any reservoir. There are also options of heat dial / thermometer temperature indicators.
The Level Gauges are available ready to assemble. Only two holes are to be drilled onto the tank to fix the level gauge. The outer case is Nickel chrome or Powder coated and has a low profile. The temperature scale is in between 3O°C to 8O°C.

Salient Features

  • The fluid-level gauge is available with heat dial or thermometer temperature indicator.
  • Complete with gaskets and attaching bolts - ready for immediate installation.
  • Can be installed from outside reservoir unit. Requires only 2 mounting holes.
  • Sturdy low profile outer case.
  • All external metal parts are plated/powder coated.
  • Extra large sight area and unbreakable clear glass provide high visibility.

These are suitable for use with all mineral and petroleum-based hydraulic fluids. Excellent for hydraulic reservoirs, gear boxes, fuel tanks, lubrication reservoirs and crank cases.

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Return Line Filter

Technical Data

The RLF series of low cost return line filters is intended for direct mounting on hydraulic reservoirs. The low profile coupled with high flow ratings, helps in mobile installations besides stationary applications like machine tools, plastic machinery, etc.

It requires one inlet fitting and discharges directly into the reservoir. The outlet is suitable for hose connections. This results in considerable reduction in installation cost.

A permanent magnet inside the filter and 25-micron filtration are standard. Optional features include 10-micron filtration and visual clogging indicator as per order.

The elements are made from high-grade impregnated paper to ensure nominal desired micron ratings. Built in by-pass check valve preset at factory offers protection under clogged conditions.

Salient Features

  • Direct tank top mounting.
  • All aluminum body and cover.
  • Filtration from 10 microns to 25 microns.
  • For flows up to 450 lpm - 6 sizes.
  • Low installation cost.
  • 10 BAR maximum pressure.
  • Interchangeable elements with competitive models.
  • Visual mechanical clogging indicators.
  • Easy replacement of cartridge without disturbing plumbing.
  • With by-pass check value.
  • Easy installation.
  • Low profile tank top assembly.
  • Generous filtration area for longer intervals between cartridge changes.

Built-in strong ferrite magnet keeps ferrous particles out of the system.

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